Differences between private links, embed codes, and beCHANNEL due to privacy options

What is a private link?

URL for sharing videos. Private links are issued with different URLs for each video. You can share the videos you want to share only with the people you want to share them with.
Viewers can only watch videos from shared URLs. (If you have added videos to beCHANNEL, you can also watch them from beCHANNEL.)
When you send a URL to share a video on social media, WhatsApp, or email, viewers can simply click on the URL and watch the video online without saving it.

What is embed code?

An HTML inline frame element (iframe) for video sharing. The embed code is issued with a different frame for each video.
Please use it when you want to embed a video on a website. If you have knowledge of HTML, you can use it easily.
Paste the published iframe code into the part you want to embed.
You can also specify a display size. (【Team and Studio】plan accounts.)

What is a beCHANNEL?

A beCHANNEL is a portfolio page where you can arbitrarily put together uploaded videos.
You can set passcodes, passwords, publishing period settings, email list collections, and public settings.
You can send it by social media, WhatsApp, or email and share it as a URL of the beCHANNEL.
It can also be used as part of some pages of the website.
The list of albums and videos added to the beCHANNEL is displayed, and the set cover image and social media information are displayed, so you can use it as a portfolio.

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