Does the video sharing link expire?

The video-sharing link does not have an expiration period.
However, if you have set viewing restriction functions such as viewing period setting and viewing count setting, you may not be able to watch the video.
If video sharing is not working well, check the following items:

  • Check the network environment, such as whether you can connect to the Internet.
  • Check the supported OS and browser. ◯ How do I access beSTREAM 
  • For videos with passwords and passcodes, please re-enter and check.
  • If the problem persists, please check with the holder (video sharer).
  • There is a possibility that "the viewing period has expired" or "the maximum number of viewings has been exceeded". Please check with the holder (video sharer).
  • For private options, please refer to ◯ Privacy options 


  • If the video still does not play after all the checks, please close beSTREAM once, delete your browser's cache or cookies, and then open beSTREAM again.
  • When a video is closed or deleted at the will of the holder (video sharer) or at the discretion of beSTREAM, a "404 NOT FOUND" , "This video is no longer being shared.", or "This video is no longer being shared. " will be displayed in some cases.
  • The beSTREAM secretariat cannot reply about the publication or non-publication of individual videos.



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