About each icon on My videos

PC, Tablet / Smartphone

① Search box


You can search by the title of the uploaded video.
Enter the title you want to find out and click Enter ("New Line" for smartphones)

② Video, Processing, Deleted videos


  • Videos

    • The uploaded videos will be displayed in a list.
  • Processing

    • "Processing" displays the videos that is being encoded after uploading.
  • Deleted videos

    • The videos that you put in "Deleted videos" will be displayed.
    • Videos will be automatically deleted completely 10 days after you put them in "Deleted videos".
    • If you want to delete videos in "Deleted videos" immediately, you can delete them with "Delete forever".
    • Videos in "Deleted videos" also take up storage.

③ Video thumbnails


1. Delete

Click the round checkbox on the left side of the thumbnail to see "Delete" at the top.
Click to move to "Deleted videos".

2. Copy private link

Click to copy a different shared URL for each video.
You can send it to people you want to share with via messaging apps or email.

3. Copy embed code

When sharing videos on websites such as homepages, you can copy and paste the embed code (iframe code) into HTML.
You can also set the display size on the website as "Specified size (W x H)".
(This feature is available with the【Team and Studio】plan accounts.)
For more information about embed code, see: ◯ What is an embed code?
Embed code of beSTREAM can not be used for social media and blog services that do not support HTML code.

4. Add/ Delete/ Copy Link to beCHANNEL

Click the beCHANNEL mark and click "+Add to beCHANNEL" to turn the marked blue and add it to the beCHANNEL.
When you click "- Remove from beCHANNEL", it is removed from beCHANNEL and the mark returns to
For more information, see: ◯ Set up your beCHANNEL
The video itself will not be deleted If you delete it only from beCHANNEL.

5. Email list collection

Videos with email list collection will see this email icon.
For more information, see: ◯ Set up an Email list collection 

6. Passcode/ Password

You will see the password and passcode you set for each video.
For more information about passcode, see: ◯ Set a passcode 
For more information about password, see: ◯ Set a password 
Password is only available with the【Studio】plan accounts.

7. Download

Click the download icon to download the video. (Computer version only)

8. Settings

Go to the video settings screen.


④ Sorting

You can select the items to sort.

  • Title order
  • New > old (displayed in the order of uploaded new. )
  • Old > new (displayed in the order of uploaded oldest. )
  • Order of frequently seen
  • beCHANNEL (Displays videos added to the beCHANNEL. )
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