beCHANNEL publishing period settings

It is possible to limit the publication period of the beCHANNEL.
This feature is only available with the【Studio】plan accounts.

STEP 1  Click "Dashboard" and open "beCHANNEL"

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


STEP 2  Switch "Public" to "ON" and set "Publish date" and "Limit date".

Click the calendar icon to select the date of Publish and Limit date.____ONEN.png

The standard time of beSTREAM is set to UTC (Agreement World Time).


STEP 3 Click "Save".

Be sure to click "Save" after confirming the publishing period. If not, the settings will not be available.


  • The standard time for beSTREAM is set to UTC (Agreed World Time).
  • If you want to stop sharing your videos, see: ◯ beCHANNEL publishing settings
  • You can change the publication period while it is published.
  • The beSTREAM Office does not provide information about the passcode, password, or the holder (video sharer).

When the publication period is over

If you try to watch a beCHANNEL that is past its publication period, the following message will appear. 

PC, Tablet / Smartphone



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