Set the number of views for albums

You can limit the number of views that the album can be watched in the settings.
This feature is only available with the【Studio】plan accounts.

STEP 1  Click the "Setting" in the bottom right of the video thumbnail you want to set in "Dashboard" and "Album".


STEP 2  On the "Setting" tab, set the number of views to "Set the number of views".

The lower limit of the number of times that can be set is from "1", and the upper limit is "999999999".

PC, Tablet / Smartphone



STEP 3 Click "Save".

After confirming the number of views, be sure to click "Save". If you do not save, the change you made will not apply.


  • If you do not set the number of views or cannot set it, the video can be watched an unlimited amount of times.
  • If you want to stop sharing your videos, see: 〇 Stop videos sharing 
  • For more information on privacy options, see: 〇 Privacy options 
  • The beSTREAM Office does not provide information about the passcode, password, or the holder (video sharer).

When the maximum number of views is reached

If you try to watch a video that has reached the maximum number of views, you will see a message that says, "This video has reached the maximum number of views".



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