Analytics screen description

PC, Tablet / Smartphone


  1. Report date
    You can set the duration of Analytics. You can also check the comparison report using the comparison function. 
  2. Total views
    You can see the number of views of your video. 
  3. Total play time
    You can see the watch time of your video. 
  4. Total likes
    You can see the total number of likes on your video. 
  5. Top video
    You can check the ranking of likes, number of plays, average playback time, and playback time. You can see the most popular videos in your videos, videos with poor performance, and more in ranking formats. 
  6. Views by country
    You can see in a graph format where your videos are viewed from. 
  7. Like by country
    You can see in a graph format which countries the likes are from.
  8. Geo
    Intuitively sees your country-by-country viewing trends. 
  9. Video rate
    You can check the full playback rate and likes. You can see the full playback rate of your entire video and the percentage of likes have received. 
  10. Export CSV
    You can download the CSV export report results as CSV data. 
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